Designing & Developing beautiful work to build relationships and make a difference.

Welcome to Eden.

Eden is a team of strategic visionaries & creatives.

At Eden, we not only develop brands, we want to create a brand experience that customers will remember for a lifetime.

  • Branding

    We love learning the ins and outs of our clients. By listening, learning, and researching, we position ourselves to effectively tell our client’s story through the use of graphics and content.

    A logo identifies a business in its simplest form and we will be sure to use all the tricks - from tailor-made fonts to eye-catching graphics, we explore every option to bring the brand experience full-circle.

  • UX/UI Design

    Our designs not only look beautiful, they actually work. We consider every detail from user experience and accessibility to search engine optimization. A proven process creates proven results.

    We set out to design not only beautiful products, but ones that work and function seamlessly. The look and feel are as important as the experience, and at Eden, that's our focus.

  • Development

    We believe in close collaboration between designers and developers. The result is a higher level of creativity using the right technologies for the job.

    We customize all solutions based on the needs of the client. We build custom Content Management Systems but work with off-the-shelf solutions if needed. Whatever system we deliver, we’ll make sure it fit’s perfectly.

Let's Work Together

Who are these Eden fellas?

Born & raised in the Midwest, Eden Creative is a small, spirited team that helps startups and established companies plan, design and build brands. We believe proper planning lays a foundation for project success, so our focus is on execution and the important little details.

We evaluate your ideas, projects, or businesses and problem solve through design to achieve a distinguished status which will guarantee separation from competitors and connect to your desired audience. By evaluating competition, modern trends, and demographics - we establish means for success. We are listeners before speakers, we are thinkers before doers.

Meet The Team

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Guys Keep Journals Too...

Thoughts on all things branding, design, and development.

  • Jeremy Cowart

    Beautiful Chaos

    Jeremy Cowart is a celebrity photographer, entrepreneur and humanitarian. Recently named as “the most influential photographer on the internet”, he has started and been involved with many humanitarian projects around the world including Help-Portrait and Voices of Haiti. Jeremy, having mastered his craft over the years, is now looking to use his knowledge and platform to help teach, encourage, and…

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  • Todd Radom


    I am a fourth-generation working commercial artist—my dad was a creative jack-of-all trades, a designer, a photographer, a marketing guy, a copywriter. He was sort of a restless creative soul and a great role model for me, powerful testament to the often turbulent and challenging nature of a career in the arts. His father was a painter and an illustrator.…

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  • Jason Romano

    The Sweet Spot

    I believe purpose is the reason for living. Why are we living? Who are we living for? Why do we do what we do? I discovered my purpose about five years ago at work. I was walking former Colts head coach, Tony Dungy, around the office for the day and his assistant, Jessica, was also with us. We had many…

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